We are closing our Traverse City sharpening shop and will be moving some sharpening equipment to our farm in Kingsley. We will only be available part-time for homeowners and woodworkers sharpening.


Tool & Blade Sharpening Service

Attention Cabinet Shops

If you send me ten 60 tooth or 80 tooth saw blades per week, Ill sharpen the 60 tooth blades for $9 each, and the 80 tooth blades for $12 each! Please call for more details!

We sharpen just about anything with an edge for everyone from machine shops to building and electrical contractors to homeowners. We specialize in fine-cutting carbide blades for cabinet shops and fine craftsmen. We have recently purchased a new automatic carbide saw blade grinder, and we are finishing the blades with a polished finish many times finer than the industry standard.

When you get your blades back from us they will cut better than when they were new!

We sharpen steel saw blades
Carbide tip saw blades *Discount For Volume, Call For Pricing*
Replace carbide teeth
Sharpen router bits
Planer knives
Chainsaw chains
Lawn mower blades
Hedge trimmers
Paper knives
Shears and scissors
…and much more!!

We have a standard one-week turnaround. If you are in a hurry we will do some jobs same-day. We use UPS daily. We also have a large selection of brushes, switches, and bearings for sale.

We at Profession Tool, also stock a complete line of systematic and marathon saw blades for most applications. We stock Porter cable’s complete line of router bits. We have recently become an Amana dealer and have very competitive pricing on Amana router bits, and saw blades. Sandpaper, jigsaw blades, Sawzall blades, wood cutting files, plastic cutting files are just a few of the items we have on hand. If we do not have what you need, we can order any type of tool you need from construction to automotive to home and garden and everything in between!

We accept credit cards, checks, and Paypal. You can sign up with Paypal Right Here.